Dark Mint Preview


New theme I’ve been working on for the past month. I’ve put so many hours into this theme and its still not 100% complete. There are so many PSD’s that have been created, i cant even keep track of where i put them lol. So just a small preview. There is no ETA at the moment & Please dont ask for a backup mtz.

Have a Great Memorial Day everyone! I’m going to see if could buy a GNEX. Peace


  1. mousse04mousse04 says:


    great dark theme. The best one for me. Can’t wait to see your final work.
    Good luck

    • Amazing. I’ve got to have this when it’s complete. The only thing keeping me from MIUI right now is the ugly orange/white theme. I had the dark blue theme back in the gingerbread days with my own icons. If this ever gets released, it could finally push me back to using MIUI.
      Good luck, and great work so far!

  2. bambang says:

    what apps that u use for those common /complete setting? i didn’t find it on my GB MIUI

  3. doublecaffe says:

    Beautiful! Please, keep up your great work! Peace!

  4. I’m drewling

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