Flipboard for Android Review [Download]


Flipboard for Apple’s iOS has long been the application of choice for all types of news feeds. Whether it’s randomly selected articles, or hipster-ific feeds from your friends and acquaintances. For those who still use it, Flipboard is a beautiful application for viewing Facebook feed information as well.

I have personally never been someone who enjoys reading articles on a phone, even if it’s on my gorgeous Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65-inch display. However, when I finally downloaded the .apk (an Android installer file for those who don’t know) I find myself using it over other apps. As you may notice from the screen captures, I’ve replaced many of my frequently used apps with Flipboard. At the moment it manages my Twitter, news, and Instagram accounts. I no longer use Facebook other than to maintain business and family contacts, but I may allow Flipboard access just to swipe through the incredible application.

For me, my largest complaint about Android has been the UI or User Interface, specifically the development of application UI’s. Apple iOS has been graced with a wonderful amount of gorgeous applications since its first debut. Arguably, a large portion is the method in which the graphics engine responds; I.E. the OpenGL engine that contributes to iOS’s smooth functionality. Conversely, Android has and continues to gain massive market share thus attracting more applications. While Flipboard for Android is not as perfect (no pixilation, rough UI edges) as the iOS version, it definitely serves the purpose and is overall, a pleasure to use.

Click this download link to try it for youself! As with any software links found on this site, JustReveal does not take any responsibility for harm done to your device

Thanks for reading and feel free to post comments or suggestions!

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