[ROM] Lewa OS

Guys, honestly who doesn’t love to try out something new each day? It gets so boring seeing the same Ui on our phones everyday that’s why we have roms, themes, mods and so on. Well, you can try something new out if you have an HTC Evo4G device.

I found this new Rom called Lewa on xda under the Evo4G Development thread. I know some of you already know this but this rom has some potential. I flashed it myself and everything seems to work fine for me. It looks like an MIUI rom but rather, with a CM base. It also supports themes just like MIUI but in an “lwt” format. Making themes or modding the UI is pretty easy as well and most awesomely, it has 4G. So, those of you in 4G areas should be excited about this. Only thing i wish i could do is to mod status bar to center clock. The rom was odexed and i’ve asked the porter to deodex it if possible to make modding system files more easier.

I have had no issues with it except theme downloads fail to download and install. Head over to the Evo4G development thread to check it out yourself. And give feedback as to how you find or like it.

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