a lil more minimal ish.. ;P

GNex running AOKP B38 Statbar by me (my new theme chooser theme- Coming Soon) WL theme- by me (releasing soon) UCCW- by me (coming soon) inspired by July Rainmeter skin UCCW- polaroid style frame with weather (made using a psd I found) Toggle switch as page indicator Icons- I found somewhere online LS wall§ion=&global=1&q=beleuchtung#/d4ilrbj hs wall- by me

hope you all like my newest…


  1. Nice set up :D

  2. Randolph says:

    Awesome work! I love this!

  3. Amazing set up. I can’t wait for the theme and UCCW to be released!

    • morgynbrytt says:

      I appreciate that! I released the uccw on DA and XDA, will post here soon as well, and hoping to have the theme finished soon

  4. nice setup

  5. Mrinal bhatt says:

    The icons it u can!!:)

    • morgynbrytt says:

      i found them by searching for glyph icons, and they were named default icons. if i find a link i will let u know.

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