Wanted to try something a lil diff…
AOKP JB Nightlies with Lucid Theme
HTC OneX style softkeys
UCCW- GoogleNow4x2 weather
UCCW- MissedIt Bar (by me)
Minimal Reader Pro
Wallpaper Modding (by me)
Hope you all like….


  1. Randolph says:

    I really like this concept! I’d love to know how you did this. Possibly share your .psd if thats they way you did it? or the dimensions for your launcher? Thanks! This is awesome!

  2. Miguel Ribeiro says:

    awesome work man. You are really talented. I have a request for you(i hope you dont mind, i dont want to make you angry): is there any way you could port this golocker theme( ) to widgetlocker? I really like widgetlocker as it is much more stable than any lockscreen replacement app but widgetlocker themes are way worse(in design) than other lockscreen app themes. I dont know if its possible to port this to widgetlocker. Sorry to ask this here but i didnt know how to contact you. If you dont like the request please delete my post. Thanks!

    • morgynbrytt says:

      Thank you very much, i really appreciate your compliment. And feel free to ask anything, and i agree with you on the widgetlocker themes, and the reason for the themes not being comparable in looks to other lockscreen apps is the limitations on the actual slider layouts. I will see what i can do with this, it may take me a few days.. and feel free to contact me at or my twitter @morgynbrytt

      • Miguel Ribeiro says:

        Thanks!Thats what i thought…i see all those great golocker and milocker themes and always wondered why there arent such themes available to widgetlocker but now i know why=p. I have tried milocker and golocker but they are really unstable for me(sometimes they dont unlock or phone screen does not turn on) so i always go back to widgetlocker. Dont worry about the theme, i understand if its not doable. But if you ever acomplish to port it, i hope you post it here on the website=). btw that cutouts aokp theme looks superb, probably the best aokp theme i have ever seen!

  3. Can I get the full wallpaper without the bottom part?

  4. I can’t get this UCCW skin to load to save my life. I get a blank background and the text cuts off. Please explain this to me like I’m 2. Beautiful setup!

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