Prime HD Icons

Guys, they’re finally here :D

Introducing Prime HD Icons by Caseyls!

Just because I’d like to keep everything located on one page, you can find all the details and purchase info on my deviantART here

I really hope everyone likes them!!

Feeling Purple

Made some ICS Style Prime HD Icons :D

Basic shot, just Prime HD Alts, Vitreo Dock, Walls from here and here, Nova Launcher.

Also my icons should be released this week :D

Little Changes…

Finally got myself some CM9 Goodies…

More info and larger shot here: [Link]

ALSO PLEASE READ THIS JOURNAL: [Link] It explains the delay on the release of my icons, and you can put in some requests for when I release them!

Prime HD 5 Gum Icons

Hey everyone, this is my first post here at JustReveal, and I’m really glad to be part of this awesome site! You might know me as caseyls from deviantART [link]

I want to share the first small pack of my Prime HD icons. There will be a much larger pack, but I can’t release these with that pack, so you get them for free! I hope you like them!

You can download them here


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