La Bonita

Couldn’t resist to snatch that awesome ls wallpaper recently used by my man
However, just a fast ss to prove I’m not dead – I’ve just had a lot to do lately. Hope you like, see you around fam!

SGS3, Nova Prime, Statusbar+, Flik Icons, UCCW by ~kgill77, LS Wall, HS Wall


Nothing spectacular – pretty minimal if you’d ask me.
Comfortable colors, and I’m rolling with just one homescreen.

AOSP JB 4.1.1 [SuperNexus]

Nova Prime
Flik Icons

Google Search Widget
Lockscreen Wall


SGS3 | AOSP Jelly Bean I9300 4.1.1 (Stable)
Nova Prime
Brilliant Quotes
JB Photo Frame
Weather Eye
Peace /P


Samsung Galaxy S3
AOSP Jelly Bean 4.1.1
Nova Prime

Icons: Athena HD, Laguna HD, Magical HD
Dock: Finesse by Mehdi Ibrahim (mod NFR)

Music Mod Widget, JB default Wall, Fubook Icon by me

Peace /P

Minimal Mood

Jelly Bean 4.1.1
Nova Prime

Minimalistic Text

FinalFlight Wall by ~R3D-X7

Peace /P


And yet another screen within seconds I know – been a while since I posted here so I thought I could just go for it!

AOKP Milestone 6
Nova Prime

Widgets: Minimalistic Text, Brilliant Quotes, Quick Search Bar
Icons: Retrofied & Holo Dark

LS Wall: Frowns a Bear (Custom NFR)
HS Wall: Black Fabric

Get it? Got it? Good!
Peace /P

Who Is She?

So, is there anyone who can answer my question? Immediately.. Such a gorgeous face :O

AOKP Milestone 6
Nova Prime

GreyDay mClock theme

Athena HD, Cold Fusion HD, Magical HD Gallery
Oletus SMS, Safi HD Mail, “Fubook” by myself

LS Wall
HS Wall

Peace /P

First Impression Lasts

Got my new phone the other day and it’s AWESOME:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Nova Prime

Silverbullet Mod by ~zomx
Minimalistic Text
Athena HD, Oletus SMS, Safi HD Mail

Andromeda Mod HS Wall
Milky Way Sky LS Wall

Yup, this is my first post here and I’m stoked to be part of the JustReveal famalam!

See you around, peace!


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