Blue Truth


Full details on DeviantArt

Summercons yo!

Some icons inspired by good weather and summer time :D

Grab em :P



FFra on DA

friday morning


LS wall from Linxspiraration

Widget locker by lesa0208

HS wall

Icons by stalker018 on DeviantArt


System font is walkway bold

Happy Friday everyone!



Fresh set up for the week :)

New mod of kgill’s classic icons – link

They were a WIP so i have included the psd file and instructions for if you want any icons i havent done :)

Rest of the screenshot info and also get a zoomed view of the icons on my DA page

The Thirty First

New set up for the weekend

Have a good one everyone :D

All info here



Fresh for the weekend :)

iLauncher mod by me

LS wall – HS wall by Yackovsky

Unlocka Widget locker by Socko’Pack on xda

Icons mod by me, OG by kgill

Fresh n Clean CM10 theme by kgill

softkeys by me

SPRMNML black mod

Here is the black mod version of kgill’s awesome icons :)



Almost all elements from the new iPhone theme Ando

More details on my deviant art


A little mod, with permission thanks bro ;)  of the fine ass sprmnml icons by the man kgill

Grab em here

dun, dun DUNE!


Been a long time since i posted, so here we go :)  New shot on the N4

Slimbean ROM, great rom btw!

Cant remember who made, or even where i got the widget locker them so if its yours let me know :)

LS wall  HS wall

Dune icons from the miui thread on xda

Modded iLauncher by me

MNML statusbar by kgill


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