Cold Winter Night

Samsung Galaxy S3

CM10.1 Nightly 12/24

More Details: Here

Dark Blue Mint for CM10/AOKP

Dark Blue Mint originally created for MIUI JB, Now ported over to CM10/AOKP

Click Image for Details!

PlayStore Link: Here

Blanc Royal

After months of designing, customizing, and endless hours on Photoshop, i have finally finished my CM10 theme….Blanc Royal.

Originally known as Oreo Mint, but renamed it to a more suitable name.

Blanc Royal is now available on the market!!

Play Store: Link

More Details: Here

Oreo Mint Teaser

The Mona Lisa

Galaxy Nexus

Codename Android 3.4.1

Oreo Mint Theme: by Me (Coming Soon)

LS Wall: NFR Yet

Go Vote for ME!

Finally got around to submitting my theme to the Official MIUI Theme Competition.

Now if everyone could please help me out by clicking on the link located below. And all you need to do is scroll down and click on “Praise it” Sample image is below

It would mean a lot to me if you guys did this favor for me.

Vote for ME!!!

Thank You

Dark Blue Mint

Dark Blue Mint for MIUI v4

Finished my 2nd MIUI theme. Its a dark version of Blue ICSelcius. About 95% of white on white text has been fixed. SMS pop ups work, along with a carrier logo. I put hundreds of hours into making this for everyone whose been asking for it. The theme also comes with my new icon pack called Supra, all icons are 100% made from scratch, no copy and paste here :D.  And check out the Links below everyone!

Dark Blue Mint: Link

Supra Icons: Link

Follow Me on Twitter: Follow Me

Blue ICSelcius

Now Supports XHDPI Devices.




Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE

AOKP Build 38

Nova Launcher Prime

Softkeys?? IDK by who sorry

Theme: Fresh N Clean by KGill

Dark Mint Preview


New theme I’ve been working on for the past month. I’ve put so many hours into this theme and its still not 100% complete. There are so many PSD’s that have been created, i cant even keep track of where i put them lol. So just a small preview. There is no ETA at the moment & Please dont ask for a backup mtz.

Have a Great Memorial Day everyone! I’m going to see if could buy a GNEX. Peace


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