Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher

Running CM10.2 nightly…man is it fast. Also loving this Smart Launcher. I’ll do a review if someone asks in the comment box. I really recommend it.

Go Vote for ME!

Finally got around to submitting my theme to the Official MIUI Theme Competition.

Now if everyone could please help me out by clicking on the link located below. And all you need to do is scroll down and click on “Praise it” Sample image is below

It would mean a lot to me if you guys did this favor for me.

Vote for ME!!!

Thank You

[ROM] Lewa OS

Guys, honestly who doesn’t love to try out something new each day? It gets so boring seeing the same Ui on our phones everyday that’s why we have roms, themes, mods and so on. Well, you can try something new out if you have an HTC Evo4G device.

I found this new Rom called Lewa on xda under the Evo4G Development thread. I know some of you already know this but this rom has some potential. I flashed it myself and everything seems to work fine for me. It looks like an MIUI rom but rather, with a CM base. It also supports themes just like MIUI but in an “lwt” format. Making themes or modding the UI is pretty easy as well and most awesomely, it has 4G. So, those of you in 4G areas should be excited about this. Only thing i wish i could do is to mod status bar to center clock. The rom was odexed and i’ve asked the porter to deodex it if possible to make modding system files more easier.

I have had no issues with it except theme downloads fail to download and install. Head over to the Evo4G development thread to check it out yourself. And give feedback as to how you find or like it.


I found these fantastic icons today while i was browsing XDA. Called LaLa V2, by tadde. These are icon really done and the details on them are superb.

tadde plans on releasing more icons, whenever he has free time, this is just his side project. Right now there are around 39 icons, with the PSD template being released soon, so the community can contribute as well.

Head on over to the Icon Thread over at XDA, for more details and more icons!

Dev Appreciation Month @Phandroid

Just wanna let all the Android Developers out there know that Phandroid, is holding Developer Appreciation Month.

Here are some of the details:

  • Developer Contests with prizes including a Google IO Ticket, Google IO Prize Packs, NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered phones & tablets, and much more!
  • Two entirely new website sections created specifically for developers
  • Interviews with Android Developers of all sizes and success levels.
  • Exclusive content from featured developers including app announcements, app/game reviews, price drops, guest posts, and more.
  • Tutorials, Case Studies, and content geared towards indie developers
  • A brand new Phandroid News app and complete site redesign coming later this month

So head on over there and check it out!

Flipboard for Android Review [Download]


Flipboard for Apple’s iOS has long been the application of choice for all types of news feeds. Whether it’s randomly selected articles, or hipster-ific feeds from your friends and acquaintances. For those who still use it, Flipboard is a beautiful application for viewing Facebook feed information as well.

I have personally never been someone who enjoys reading articles on a phone, even if it’s on my gorgeous Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65-inch display. However, when I finally downloaded the .apk (an Android installer file for those who don’t know) I find myself using it over other apps. As you may notice from the screen captures, I’ve replaced many of my frequently used apps with Flipboard. At the moment it manages my Twitter, news, and Instagram accounts. I no longer use Facebook other than to maintain business and family contacts, but I may allow Flipboard access just to swipe through the incredible application.

For me, my largest complaint about Android has been the UI or User Interface, specifically the development of application UI’s. Apple iOS has been graced with a wonderful amount of gorgeous applications since its first debut. Arguably, a large portion is the method in which the graphics engine responds; I.E. the OpenGL engine that contributes to iOS’s smooth functionality. Conversely, Android has and continues to gain massive market share thus attracting more applications. While Flipboard for Android is not as perfect (no pixilation, rough UI edges) as the iOS version, it definitely serves the purpose and is overall, a pleasure to use.

Click this download link to try it for youself! As with any software links found on this site, JustReveal does not take any responsibility for harm done to your device

Thanks for reading and feel free to post comments or suggestions!

[ADDON] Samsung Galaxy S3 Addon including TouchwizUX [CM9, AOKP, SlimICS]

XDA member madphone, has brought a new addon for those who have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus[with CM9, AOKP, and SlimICS], the TouchwizUX mod, from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The addon is meant to bring the Samsung Galaxy S3 experience to your Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus MrMaddon-Pack adds a bunch of stock-apps that were ported by xda-members, some SGS3 feeling with (system) sounds and icons directly ripped from leaked frameworkres.apk/systemui.apk/systemapps of the SGS3 ROM and many more features.

Some of the Features included are:

– Settings themed with Galaxy S3 Symbols (xhdpi)

– TouchWizUX Launcher

– Samsung Galaxy S3 Sounds

– Power-Button Menu themed

– Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Picker

– Memo App

So head on over to the XDA thread, to try out this new and exciting mod!

Data Speed Tweak for Most Roms.

As we all know Google’s Android OS is open source, there are a lot of modifications users can do to it from running custom roms to tweaking system files. Mostly, the users who have their devices rooted have these awesome privileges and there is always the site we all go to, XDA.

Today being one of my lucky adventure days to the XDA world, i came across an awesome mod in the HTC Evo4G Android Development section which i wanted to share with you guys since it works on almost any rom that is based on IceCream Sandwich (ICS), Gingerbread (GB) and HTC Sense as well. Basically, the mod increases the data speed of any Android device since it is a Linux tweak. The OP has made two flashable zips for “doing” and “undoing” the mod.

Honestly, i haven’t tried this mod myself since i’m satisfied with my data speed on my OG HTC Evo4G device running MIUI GB. However, some users in the thread are reporting success for trying it out. If anyone is interested in giving this a try, here is a link to the thread on xda. Credit to OP and oh, DON’T forget to NANDROID before trying it out.


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