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Today on Twitter, I read a link from Lifehacker on a development project I’ve yet to see before. PIMP my ROM goes beyond the standard tweaking in an application in that it’s written as a Recovery ROM like Clockwork Recovery and the like. To begin, download the .zip from the provided link. Flash just like you would any standard ROM, and then begin tweaking to your heart’s content. As noted in the disclaimer, you are entirely liable for flashing this. On that note, I personally flashed this twice, and in each wizard menu I would get so far before the recovery would freeze and I would have to perform a battery pull on my Galaxy Nexus. Not sure if it’s Clockwork itself or what the issue is…Nonetheless, once I chose “Install all scripts” from each menu page; I ran through the wizard without any issues. There’s an almost endless amount of customizations from GPU forced rendering, and CPU tweaks to installing custom launchers (Apex, Nova) to the TouchWhiz launcher. I  installed the Walkman applications which are pretty neat, for example the Album application allows you to pinch-to-zoom in and out on the media grid. I could write many paragraphs on the insane amount of customizations, but how about you just flash and try it for yourself. Whether you’re running a full featured ROM, or a stock base – PIMP my ROM is a one of a kind ROM customization application. Hit the link! Also read the list to be sure your device is supported.

Link – PIMP MY ROM.zip

Source – XDA



Click on the image for details. ;)



HTC Sense 1.0
DigitalKarma Rom
WidgetLocker unlocker by marcarnal

HM Wall by kimilite
Forgot where i got LS Wall from but its called serene. Credit to whoever made it.

**Crown is for Supra Footwear Co.** Not mine.


Up in a very Sunday Good Mood :D

For those who wanted my little mashed up theme for MIUI, here we go. Files and pngs i used are from various themes. I just wanted to have them in one mtz.
Many people wanted it so, i decided to share even though i’m still editing some stuff. I love what i have so far ;)

Completely compatible with MIUI GB.

This should work with MIUI V4 as well. Well not status bar and font.

Credit to:


If i forgot anyone, let me and i’ll give credit where its due.

*LS slightly mod by me
*UCCW clock
*fancy widget
*minimalistic text.



Updated RMX’D icons with few new ones and renamed to match Google play store and Facebook. (MTZ FORMAT for MIUI)


All other info here on my deviant page.



This is a complete theme i put together for myself using files from other themes by different authors. I’m still editing it and so far, i like what I’ve come up with.

Credit to:

*MrBeO9X (Icons and carrier logo by him) I edited and renamed some of the icons to my liking.

*fodi666 (Lock screen by him) I also edited this to my liking.

*suharic (Lock screen wallpaper from him)

*Mr.Megi (SodaHD restyled dock)

*OOTypeR (I based this on his cleanandsimple theme)

*Yuyudroid (Jaku folder icon)

Beautiful widgets weather with Tick skin.

Minimalistic text with BrightYoungThings and Pacifio TTF font.

System font is Neutra (Paid)

Home Wall is from another theme.

I can’t seem to find who made/shared the other status bar pngs so credit to whoever made or shared them. :D

Data Speed Tweak for Most Roms.

As we all know Google’s Android OS is open source, there are a lot of modifications users can do to it from running custom roms to tweaking system files. Mostly, the users who have their devices rooted have these awesome privileges and there is always the site we all go to, XDA.

Today being one of my lucky adventure days to the XDA world, i came across an awesome mod in the HTC Evo4G Android Development section which i wanted to share with you guys since it works on almost any rom that is based on IceCream Sandwich (ICS), Gingerbread (GB) and HTC Sense as well. Basically, the mod increases the data speed of any Android device since it is a Linux tweak. The OP has made two flashable zips for “doing” and “undoing” the mod.

Honestly, i haven’t tried this mod myself since i’m satisfied with my data speed on my OG HTC Evo4G device running MIUI GB. However, some users in the thread are reporting success for trying it out. If anyone is interested in giving this a try, here is a link to the thread on xda. Credit to OP and oh, DON’T forget to NANDROID before trying it out.


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